Go Cordless! Go One Step Beyond!

May 03, 2023 2 min read

In the bustling streets of India, no one has time to fiddle with cords or fit earbuds into cases. This is where MadRabbit neckbands come into play. Neckbands are flexible hearables that come with two earphones connected by a cord short enough to go around a person’s neck.

Neckbands came into the picture ages ago, yet they never go out of style, especially in the Indian metropolis. This is because of the coherence of the audio gear and the consumers. In addition to the comfortable yet totally practical design, neckbands come with longer battery hours, dual pairing, magnetic earbuds sensors, and call alert vibration for a smooth listening experience. This prominently fits the lifestyle of Indian citizens, who majorly happen to be bikers, travelers, and delivery personnel; basically, commuters in their quotidian lives. It is clear why the use of neckbands is prevalent among Indian tech users.

To cater to our audience, we have launched a line of neckbands that focus on four different user needs. MadRabbit’s neckbands are designed to be ergonomically fit for utmost comfort and engineered with dual pairing throughout the series. Our itinerant-friendly Fly Wireless neckband is equipped with semi-in-ear buds to be in favour of those who do not prefer to seal their ears, making them more aware of the surrounding ambience, especially in traffic. Our sporty neckband Bass-On is designed with a dedicated gaming mode that reduces considerable milliseconds of latency. The recently launched Trip series features massive battery life, hall switch sensors for easy magnetic on/off, and more. Trip Pro from the series is intuitively crafted to sustain long hours of battery usage, whereas Trip Plus comes with a call vibration alert for users who prefer to never miss a call.

Our product engineers are delving into earphone ergonomics and persistently working towards crafting more ergonomically fit neckbands that are sustainable.